By Klara

In the spirit of Purim and v’nahafoch hu, there will be no kvetching in this week’s column. So what’s the opposite of kvetching? Well, there’s praising, complimenting, and showing appreciation. So here goes a lot of anti-kvetching:

Thank you to the 15 different students (out of about 200) who actually answered my “good mornings” this week. Ok, so there’s still work to be done there…Kudos to the 4 students who held the door open for me and to the lovely child who always erases the board after our lessons. Kudos also to the helpful students who rushed to pick up the trash and threw it away without any complaints. I tip my hat to the students who are putting so much effort into being mindful of others and respectful to their peers and teachers. I am grateful to my school administrator who never makes me feel bad about using personal days when needed. She always tells us “family first,” and working mothers can really use those words of support! Bravo to my fellow colleagues who make the teachers’ lounge a place of respect and honor where not a word of lashon ha’ra is ever heard. A shout out to the lovely seventh grader who sends her sick friends class notes without them even asking. And to the wonderful child who found my rings near the sink where we wash and returned them to me. But I also have a life outside of school so…

I am beholden to the amazing congregation I am fortunate to daven with, where no one, but absolutely no one, talks during tefillah, or when the rabbi speaks. Hats off to my gracious neighbor who cleaned our sidewalk with his snowblower without being asked. I owe one to the young woman on line in the supermarket who let me go ahead of her with my one item and to the driver who let me get into a crowded lane. I am gratefully indebted to my wonderful husband and family who b’H make sure they give me no reason to kvetch, but every reason to kvell. And naturally I look up to the heavens and thank Hashem for every single thing, each moment, each day. You know what? Being thankful sure beats kvetching any day! Happy Purim! n

Klara has been an educator for the past 30 years in the United States and in Israel. She holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in English literature. Klara presently teaches at a Jewish day school and has been involved in Jewish day schools in the United States and Canada. For questions or comments, she can be reached at



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