A Jewish Rabbi compares devastating floods in Manhattan to biblical disasters, claiming it is a message from God

A Jewish Rabbi has joined an extremist Christian preacher in blaming Hurricane Sandy on gays, calling devastation of New York ‘divine justice’ for the city’s same-sex marriage laws.

Rabbi Noson Leiter of Torah Jews for Decency compared the superstorm which swept across the US eastern coast this week to a biblical disaster.

‘We believe that the great flood at the time of Noah…[was] triggered by the recognition of same-gender marriages,’ the cleric said, reported Right Wing Watch.

A Jewish Rabbi compares devastating floods in Manhattan to biblical disasters, claiming it is a message from God

He added: ‘There are messages in this particular storm for us…The Lord will not bring another flood to destroy the entire world, but He could punish particular areas with a flood.

‘If we look at the same gender marriage movement, that certainly is a message for us to learn…If we don’t shape up he [God] will deliver divine justice.’

Rabbi Leiter also claimed the fact that the flood was particulary bad in Lower Manhattan because is it ‘one of the national centers of homosexuality’ and a double rainbow which appeared in the area afterwards was a clear sign from God.

Storm Sandy left at least 64 people dead in the US, cut power from millions of homes and paralysed transport on much of the eastern US seaboard.

It made landfall on Monday night in New Jersey, where some 20,000 people remain trapped in their homes by sewage-contaminated floodwater.

In New York City, the storm brought a record tidal surge that swamped the subway system and caused widespread blackouts.

Earlier, it killed nearly 70 people in the Caribbean and caused extensive crop destruction in impoverished Haiti.

Source: GS News


  1. How absolute dispiacble of a human being.

    What would the reaction be if they say it all happened because of the Jews, there would be an outcry.

    How dare this filth say that? You dont like the lifestyle, dont practice it!

  2. Hey “Rabbi”

    When you talk to god i have some questions , can you ask it for me?

    Why did Nazi Germnay happen? also because of the Gays or was it something else?

    While youre at it, ask him this complicated question. Satmar Rabbi says that Israel Zionisim is the worst thing in the world, maybe thats the reason? or perhaps because i dont have a filter on my internet, maybe that one!

    You unqualified piece of rubbish that you are, keep your stomach virusus to yourself

  3. Well said sir.

    Thats exactly what Rashi tells us and thats the reason why the Mabil came and as unpolitically correct this statement is, it is the truth!

    Kudos to you for standing up and speaking the truth knowing quite well that there will be a backlash. Every Shomer Torah U’mitzvos knows exactly that you are right but is somehow scared to say it


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