As the snow covered the streets of Yerushalayim, there was a rush of excitement streaming from Café Rimon, as the Shalhevet graduates in Israel were treated to another reunion with Rabbi Zev and Rebbetzin Renee Friedman. Just a few weeks prior, the alumnae had caught up with menahelet Mrs. Esther Eisenman during her visit to various seminaries.

The girls from Sha’alvim, Tomer Devorah, MMY, and Midreshet Harova joined together to hear wonderful divrei Torah and Torah perspectives from Rabbi Friedman. Due to the road closures, some of the girls were not able to venture out to Yerushalayim, so Rabbi Friedman traveled to Beit Shemesh to treat them to dinner at the local Café Rimon. Rebbetzin Friedman remarked, “The girls were great; they were so happy to get together as a group and are clearly growing and gaining from their seminary experience.”

The girls spoke eagerly about how much they love their seminaries and mentioned how often they were learning something that they remembered from their shiurim in Shalhevet. They spoke gratefully about Shalhevet and said they look forward to the day that they can come back and join the staff!

“It was truly gratifying to hear how well prepared the girls felt they were and the extent that they felt they benefited and grew from being in Shalhevet. From the informal discussion we had at the table it became obvious to me how much the girls loved the teachers and warm environment of Shalhevet,” said Rabbi Friedman.

The evening ended with group pictures, shared memories, and lots of parting warmth, reflecting Shalhevet’s theme of “feel the warmth.” v


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