Parashas Ki Seitzei was a momentous Shabbos for the Inwood community. In memory of the three boys who were murdered in Eretz Yisrael, the shul took on a community-wide project to learn the entire Mishnayos. In honor of being mesayem (completing) Shishah Sidrei Mishnah, the community was privileged to host Rabbi Paysach Krohn and his rebbetzin for Shabbos.

Rabbi Krohn, in his ever-riveting and powerful style, spoke on Shabbos morning, at shalosh seudos, and for the ladies on Shabbos afternoon. Rabbi Krohn’s shiurim, stressing the need to strengthen ourselves in our commitment to davening and making ourselves a “kos shel berachah,” made an indelible impression and will certainly be remembered as a most special aspect of Shabbos for the kehillah.


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