Last Wednesday, DRS had the tremendous privilege of hosting Rabbi Meir Twersky, shlita, roshyeshiva of Yeshiva University. R’ Meir Twersky is the brother of Rav Moshe Twersky, zt’l, one of the five victims of the horrendous Har Nof murders that occurred just over a month ago. In response to the terrible tragedy that shook all of Klal Yisrael, DRS students pledged to take upon various extra commitments in the area of avodasHashem. Some students took upon themselves to put in extra time for learning each day, while others committed not to speak in their tefillin or to be more scrupulous in the laws of lashonha’ra. Rabbi Meir Twersky spoke of the tremendous value in undertaking extra efforts to enhance their growth and the great nechamah that he receives by seeing young students care for those involved in the tragedy.


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