World renowned lecturer Rabbi Paysach Krohn is the latest community leader to enthusiastically join the Parnassah Expo cause. In an intriguing video presentation, Rabbi Krohn masterfully articulates the expo’s goal of helping thousands of our brethren advance in their parnassah needs, and details the tangible promise that the February 12th expo at the Meadowlands Exposition Center holds for every attendee.

“I’ve been in touch with Rabbi Krohn ever since he involved himself with the expo,” says Parnassah Expo Founder and Director Reb Duvi Honig. “I can’t put into words how excited he is about the event. He can’t get enough of it.”
Rabbi Krohn compares Reb Duvi’s work to the dictum issued by Dovid Hamelech several millennia ago that “lechu v’hisparnesu zeh mizeh,” klal Yisroel should sustain each other in parnassah. He marvels at the sheer breadth of Parnassah Expo’s resources, which include top experts, resources, employers and job seekers in every imaginable field.
More than just dollars and cents, Rabbi Krohn stresses that a securer livelihood significantly helps couples in the area of shalom bayis and, by extension, child rearing. He notes that expo is perfectly scheduled during the month of Adar, when Haman spoke of a disunited “am mefuzar umeforad” and Esther saw the solution as “lech kenos es kol hayehudim,” gathering all Jews together for a common cause.

Indeed, Parnassah Expo has already accomplished an historic level of achdus and cooperation between diverse Jewish communities across North America, with an unprecedented crowd expected. The event itself promises to, b’ezras Hashem, be as inspirational as it will be financially lucrative. Along with Rabbi Krohn, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, Mr. Charles Harary, and several other prominent motivational community figures are expected to attend the expo and address attendees.
For more information, to reserve a booth, please call Parnassah Expo at 732-987-7704, email , or visit


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