The influential rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto and his wife were arrested and investigated on Thursday. They were charged with attempting to bribe a police officer and money laundering. They were released under restrictive conditions once the investigation was completed.

The investigation into the conduct of rabbi Pinto and his wife was led a special investigation team headed by Yoav Segalovich, head of the police investigations unit. The police believe the rabbi contacted a high-ranking police officer and offered him a bribe in exchange for information concerning an investigation. The investigation took several weeks during which rabbi Pinto gave the police officer the bribe.

Pinto is one of the most famous and well-connected rabbis in Israel. He keeps close contacts, receives contributions, and receives donations from leading business people. Among those said to have ties to the rabbi are Nochi Dankner, Rami Levi, Ofer Nimrodi, and Ilan Ben Dov.

.Yaron Lipshos, Pinto’s attorney issued a statement: “Rabbi Pinto answered all the police’s questions, and divulged all that he knew in order to further the investigation so that it may be concluded as soon as possible and disprove all the baseless allegations raised against him.”

“Rabbi Pinto is certain that once all the facts come to light the investigation team will come to understand that there was nothing wrong with his conduct,” Lipshos added.


  1. We should never forget after he was evicted for not paying his rent in the essex hotel the landlord was found dead he pinto says i cursed him make your own judgnent


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