Rabbi Shimon Bentov, shlita, the esteemed mekubal and mezuzah see-er from Jerusalem, the son of Rabbi Moshe Bentov, z’l, will once again be in New York. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to meet with a great mekubal to open the doors of your yeshuot!

Rabbi Shimon Bentov, director of Dor VaDor Institutions of Jerusalem, has been around helping the Jewish community for over 35 years. Rabbi Bentov oversees seven full time kollelim for yeshiva bachurim and married men, and programs for the poor and needy.

HaRav Bentov has been endorsed by various rabbanim around the world including: Rav Ovadia Yosef, z’l, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, z’l, Rav Shach, z’l, and more …

Rav Shimon Bentov has unique powers in reading mezuzot and revealing many secrets from that person which ultimately helps the person and opens the channels of berachot and yeshuot. With great siyata dishmaya, thousands of people have been helped and have seen tremendous Yeshuot which they never expected. Come join the many who have been blessed and found great success!

Some examples of miracle stories which occurred after receiving the berachot and guidance of Rav Bentov:

  1. A woman came to see the rabbi on one of the rabbi’s trips to New York to show the rabbi her mezuzot. She told him she was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. She wanted to get Rabbi S. Ben Tov’s blessings. Rabbi Bentov told her to drink from a special blessed cup that he had, called Gavia Haneharot and gave her his blessing. She did so and came back the next day with a big smile on her face reporting that her biopsy came out clean. She had nothing. The doctor was shocked and couldn’t believe his eyes.
  2. There was a couple who was childless. After undergoing many treatments for many years, they were still childless. After getting the blessing from the rabbi, they finally had children.

There are many additional stories of people who were deathly ill, singles who couldn’t find their bashert, businesses and families who were going through financial crisis — all healed through his blessings.

Appointments are limited so don’t delay. Schedule your appointment today to meet one on one with Rav Shimon Bentov, shlita. Call or text 917-907-4537.


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