The internationally acclaimed, bestselling author of IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black, spoke to the students of Rambam Mesivta about the history of the State of Israel and the importance of Rabbi Yotav Eliach’s new, comprehensive book on that very subject: Judaism, Zionism, and the Land of Israel.

Mr. Black, who has authored more than a dozen books on the Holocaust, the Farhud, the threat of international terrorism, BDS, the Balfour Declaration and the modern State of Israel, lauded Rabbi Eliach’s newly authored book as one which adds a new and important dimension to the understanding of Jewish history.

He shared that the book is “A dramatic and incisive journey into Jewish and Zionist history that will uplift any reader-academic or religious, into a new understanding of Israel and its place in our history – and our future.”

Judaism, Zionism, and the Land of Israel is over 700 pages long and contains maps drawn by Sir Martin Gilbert, world-renown scholar on Israel. In addition to Edwin Black, the book has also garnered praise from legendary Harvard Law Professor and Israel advocate, Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case for Israel. Professor Dershowitz stated that “The case for Israel must be made anew in every generation and to every audience. Rabbi Eliach has been making the case to generations of high school students. Now he brings his insights and experiences to a general public that is desperately in need of history on the current realities.”

Yossi Klein Halevi, author of Like Dreamers, has also endorsed the book, sharing that “Rabbi Eliach has given the Jewish people an indispensable gift.”

For almost 20 years, students in Rambam have been privileged to hear Rabbi Eliach “live” when he has presented his material from the book and his college accredited class of religious Zionism.

The book will soon be released to the public at large and be made available on Amazon beginning on May 7.

Pro-Israel groups have already expressed interest in providing it to their constituents, realizing that it provides important information which serves as a bulwark against the continuous onslaught of Palestinian propaganda.


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