Frightened about coronavirus? You’re not alone — this pandemic has put everyone on edge. For Jewish women who use the mikvah, quarantine and social distancing present new challenges to maintaining family purity laws. With limited access to a rav, what should people do if they can’t or don’t want to leave their house? While halachic authorities don’t have the cure to coronavirus, they’re offering the next best thing: the Tahor App.

Tahor is an app that allows women to anonymously submit taharat ha’mishpachah questions to a rav. Compatible with iPhones and Androids, the app is available in both English and Hebrew, easy to use, and rabbinically approved.

Rabbis and yoatzot encourage women to take advantage of the Tahor App during times of quarantine. Rabbi K. Auman, dean of Nishmat, said, “During this crisis as we do our part to stop the spread of coronavirus, the sanctity of life must be preserved, which includes the mitzvah of taharat ha’mishpachah. Yet every rabbi will agree that pikuach nefesh comes first. It is imperative that all safety precautions are taken. One way this can be done is by using the Tahor App to answer bedikah questions.”

Rabbi E. Davis, rabbi emeritus, Young Israel of Hollywood, FL, agrees that the Tahor App is tailor-made for our current situation. “Though everyone’s plans are on hold for the time being, leaving us so uncertain and anxious, I encourage everyone to stay strong. We are incredibly fortunate to have access to technology like the Tahor App, which supports Jewish women and their families in keeping taharat ha’mishpachah. With the help of Tahor, they can make this mitzvah just as personal and meaningful as ever.”

Chief Rabbi David Lau advises women to continue counting seven clean days before immersion, even while in quarantine. But if they are unwell or suspect they might have coronavirus, they should delay immersion until after the danger has passed.

COVID-19 is taking a toll on everyone, spreading fear and panic about the future. Tahor empowers women to take control of their spiritual lives, enabling the mitzvah of taharat ha’mishpachah to continue from the comfort and safety of their homes.


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