Over 60 Rambam talmidim looking for additional learning opportunities are currently participating in the school’s optional learning program: The Rambam Mesivta’s Masmidim Program.

The program features night learning, which consists of an hour of “open learning” in the beismidrash, in addition to the assistant principal, Rabbi Avi Haar, leading a special Gemarabekiutshiur to prep for the YU bekiut program. Following delicious snacks and assorted chips, and either Carlos and Gabby’s, Traditions, or BOGO dinner, Rabbi Yitzy Werblowsky on Monday nights, or Rabbi Yaacov Wiesenberg on Tuesday nights, gives a 45-minute shiur on relevant topics.

Optional lunch learning continues throughout the week with Rabbi David Block discussing hashkafah on Mondays; Rabbi Yosef Ziskind’s halachashiur Tuesdays; Rabbi Ari Boiangiu’s parashahshiur on Wednesdays; and Rabbi Haar’s Mishnayotshiur ending the week on Thursdays.

Last year’s program had over 40 talmidim participate and this year already looks to be even bigger. The Rambam Mesivta Masmidim program highlights the school values of learning Torah, a sense of community, chevrah, and kesher with the rebbeim and the desire to put learning and middos into action.


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