On Thursday of last week, the Rambam Mesivta junior varsity College Bowl team won first place and the varsity College Bowl team won third place at Rambam Mesivta’s third annual College Bowl Tournament challenge. Junior Zechariah Hartman was named MVP, and team captain Jake Plaut was awarded an all-star trophy.

The tournament consisted of three rounds of play where teams had between 13 and 15 minutes to answer over 150 questions per round. The tournament, created three years ago by assistant principal Mr. Hillel Goldman, and with the support of the official Yeshiva College Bowl League, is now the biggest single-day College Bowl event of the year, with eight schools from all over the tri-state area and over 175 students competing.

“While we were pleased that we won the JV tournament,” Mr. Goldman expressed, “we were even more pleased about the way the boys made this happen. The team, to a man, helped organize the tournament, set up the playing area, and cleaned up afterward. It is very rewarding to know that the talmidim want to help and that they are learning the types of leadership skills that will help them run a shul, school, or corporation in the future.”

Rambam wants to express its thanks to the other coaches who helped during the event and a big congratulations to the varsity winners, DRS, who just beat out runner-up TABC and JV runner-up HAFTR. v


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