The Rambam Mesivta poetry team, the “Poe Pack”
The Rambam Mesivta poetry team, the “Poe Pack”

Rambam Mesivta’s Poetry Team, the Poe Pack, recently took home two major awards at SKA’s 1st Annual Poetry Slam. Captain Moses Bibi won “Best Free-Verse Poem” and freshman Lev Shulman won “Best Haiku Poem.” Captain Zechariah Rosenthal and Captain Evan Edelstein were also in the running for major awards, both having advanced to the final round.

When Rambam Mesivta first helped form the Yeshiva High School Poetry League five years ago, it was with a modest goal: To give yeshiva high-school students an opportunity to explore Jewish themes through the medium of poetry. What began with four schools and about 30 students now is a league with 15 participating schools and over 100 poets. It is clear that the void first felt has now been filled, and Jewish youth, eager to share a love for Israel and Judaism, is pleased to do so through a love of the written and spoken word.


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