Last week Rambam was treated to a special assembly about Lithuanian “hero” Jonas Noreika. Rambam rallied last year in front of the Lithuanian Consulate to protest the Lithuanian government’s honoring of Noreika, whom they are claiming was a national hero who fought the Russians. In reality, he was a Nazi collaborator who ordered thousands of Jews murdered.

Via videoconference, students had the privilege of hearing Grant Gochin, a South American attorney who is suing the Lithuanian government for honoring Noreika. We also heard from Sylvia Foti, the granddaughter of Noreika who, appalled by her grandfather’s actions, is assisting Gochin in suing Lithuania. They spoke about their experiences: Gochin with his lawsuit, and Sylvia with her journey towards discovering her grandfather’s identity as a Nazi collaborator, to an enraptured Rambam audience.

At the end, the students got to ask questions. The students came out with a new appreciation for the value of history and what it means to fight for what’s right, not for what’s easy.


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