Rambam Mesivta’s Chesed Club sends packages to U.S. troops in Afghanistan


Eight boxes containing pounds and pounds of coffee, power bars, and assorted treats were collected and sent by Rambam Mesivta’s Chesed Club to American troops in Afghanistan as part of a hakarat hatov chesed project. The presidents of the Chesed Club, seniors Mikey Csillag and Yosef Kuperman, as well as freshman Zachary Sicklick, were instrumental in this endeavor as were the other members of the club, the student body, Rambam parents and faculty.

“It was really a schoolwide effort that involved nearly everyone,” said Rambam associate principal, Mr. Hillel Goldman. “Showing the troops that Jewish people in Lawrence appreciate their efforts to help ensure our religious freedom is a huge Kiddush Hashem.”

The packages also included a copy of a prayer created by the Rabbinical Council of America for the safety of American soldiers, as well as photos and personal letters from the Rambam talmidim. The packages were sent directly to Kandahar to the 40th Infantry Division Headquarters.

This project was just one of many undertakings taken on by the Chesed Club that also included the Chai Lifeline Toy Drive; helping to make minyanim for those sitting shivah; cemetery clean-up; JCC Food Pantry volunteering, as well as numerous fundraising events that helped raise thousands of dollars for various charities.


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