Since 2002, in the midst of the Second Intifada, Rambam Mesivta has sent juniors and seniors on its annual Mitnadvim (Volunteers) program to help on various IDF bases. This act of chesed and this statement of commitment to Israel is made possible through Sar-El, which is a combination charity organization and army unit. It allows non-Israelis to spend a week to a few months volunteering on IDF bases. The Mitnadvim program would also not have been possible without the commitment of Rambam Mesivta’s principal, Rabbi Yotav Eliach, who himself served in the IDF, and the many hours he spent putting this program together.

This year was the 11th time a Mitnadvim group went to Israel during the “Yeshiva Week” break. Four devoted students–senior Yitzchak Milworn and juniors Dovid Rosenzweig, Zachary Beer, and Shmuel Halbfinger–decided to forgo “vacation” and spend their time on an IDF base doing whatever was necessary for the safety of Israel.

The volunteers left motzaei Shabbat of January 11, arriving in Israel on Sunday night. They then met up with their madrich, Netanel, as well as some Sar-El representatives. The boys were whisked off to the Tzippori base in the Galilee. Along with other volunteers, the students assisted soldiers with different jobs on the base for two weeks. They packed duffel bags, organized a warehouse, and unloaded trucks, among other things. Many on the base, including many soldiers and commanders, expressed gratitude towards the students. It is a tremendous source of chizuk to Israelis to know that American Jewry is there to help.

Rambam Mesivta would like to congratulate these students on a great job on the program and helping out the IDF to protect the State of Israel. v


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