5The Rambam Mesivta Chesed Society/Drive Committee has once again led a successful student-run toy drive to benefit Chai Lifeline. Under the captainship of juniors Hudi Rosenfeld and Shlomo Sandler, with guidance from history teacher, Mr. Ariel Jerushalmy, it was the goal of the drive to have 100% student participation.

The Chesed Society/Drive Committee worked around the clock to ensure that the drive reached its potential. They arranged for class captains to assist in the collecting and cataloging of toys, sent out e-mail reminders, and even had “call squads.” A number of talmidim took time out from their lunch periods to go to Amazing Savings and purchase the toys themselves.

“It is one thing to have a toy drive,” explained Assistant Principal Hillel Goldman. “It is another thing to have it run by the students, so that they can hone the skills they will need to run a shul, hospital, or business.”

Rambam Mesivta is committed to empowering the talmidim of today so they can become the leaders of tomorrow. It is a school that fosters responsibility and takes theoretical thought and puts it into the reality of action. It is a school where a toy drive is not just a toy drive but an opportunity to give back, give of oneself, and grow . . . one toy at a time. v


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