Rav Binyamin Eisenberger visiting Camp HASC

By Yehuda Meir Horowicz

Erev Shabbos, Parashas Va’Eschanan, saw lots of commotion and bustle took place in Camp HASC, with tents, tables, and chairs being assembled along with a podium and microphone. This commotion was in preparation to welcome a tzaddik and a very close friend of Camp HASC, Rav Binyomin Eisenberger, shlita. R’ Eisenberger was in Brooklyn at the departure of the Camp HASC campers, where he greeted campers and staff members by giving them berachos for a healthy and successful summer. The rav and Rebbetzin Eisenberger were thrilled to be asked by the president of the HASC board, Mr. Abe Eisner to visit camp.

As Rav Eisenberger’s car pulled up to camp, campers crowded enthusiastically towards him as he hugged and kissed each and every one of them, telling them how much he had missed them and looked forward to seeing them. As the crowd made its way under the tent, lively music broke out as Rav Eisenberger began to dance and create a huge circle for campers to partake in. Although the dancing was not long, it brought a shining glow to everyone’s faces.

Rabbi Eisenberger then addressed the crowd, praising the counselors for the way they have literally saved parents by giving then a break for the summer in order to rest up and recharge for the next ten months.

He then emphasized how in other camps and schools, children are evaluated before being accepted to ensure that they will fit in and can be successful, but in Camp HASC, each and every child is accepted for exactly who they are no matter how delicate and lofty their needs may be. Rabbi Eisenberger concluded by saying that just as the staff show such love and care to each camper, so, too, Hashem will surely look at each staff member in Camp HASC with love and appreciation for all the good they do, and ignore their flaws.

Following the amazing speech came another round of beautiful dancing with Rabbi Eisenberger, which was an amazing and uplifting scene that will stay in the hearts and minds of those fortunate enough to have witnessed it.


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