Halachic Musings

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

For the Moshav HaChinuch convention recently held in the Nir Etzion Hotel, the mayor of Modi’in Illit, Yaakov Gutterman, presented a number of questions in writing from Torah educators to HaGaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita. Below are 11 of the 12 questions presented.

Please bear in mind that these questions were posed by educators in EretzYisrael for students in EretzYisrael, particularly the Bnei Brak community. Schools in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway communities may be different. Consult your own rav as to whether the questions and responses apply to your own children or students.

1. Should one involve parents in all that pertains to their child, or is there no need for this?

It is worthwhile.

2. Should an educator involve the principal in important educational issues or should he manage them himself?

In general, it’s better by himself.

3. A child who hears shiurim at night, in Daf Yomi or something else in the framework of adults, should this be discouraged?

What for? It’s very good.

4. Should one try to encourage children to study other things beyond what they learn in cheder?

5. Should the topic of honoring parents be brought up in cheder? Or is this not the responsibility of the melamed?

The melamed should also worry about this.

6. Regarding a child who does not have peyos, because his family custom is not to, should one encourage his parents to do so?

7. Is it the responsibility of the melamed to ascertain who among the student’s friends is not within the rubric of the Talmud Torah?

8. Should one prevent children from attending various Masmidim programs because quite often it affects their sleep?

No need to prevent them.

9. Should one learn mussar with children in school?

10. Is there an inyan to take children on the yahrzeit of the Chazon Ish, the Steipler, Rav Shach, and others to their gravesites to pray?

Yes, there is an inyan.

11. Is there good advice in the education of one’s children and students?


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