Rav Doniel Neustadt speaking at Nishmas Hatorah
Rav Doniel Neustadt speaking at Nishmas Hatorah

On Thursday evening, July 6, the yeshiva and kollel of Nishmas Hatorah were joined by community members for a shiur given by Rav Doniel Neustadt, shlita. Rabbi Neustadt, a rav in Lakewood, NJ, is a world-renowned posek, speaker, and author. After an introduction by R’ Yissachar Blinder, rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Neustadt held the packed crowd spellbound with the clarity, breadth of knowledge, and delivery of his shiur. Many concepts regarding hilchos tzedakah and tefillah were addressed, and the audience was left with a clear understanding of the sugya and a decisive psak.

The shiur was the culmination of a successful z’man of serious growth for the bachurim of the yeshiva. The Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah kollel, under the leadership of Rav Nesanel Feit, shlita, is a new addition this z’man. The kollel, with ten high-caliber yungerleit, has already made its mark on the yeshiva. Besides the high level of limud haTorah that they bring to the yeshiva and community, the kollel yungerleit are true role models for the bachurim to emulate. The yeshiva looks forward to bringing more programming and shiurim to the tzibbur in the near future, b’ezras Hashem. 


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