Rav Gavriel Friedman
Rav Gavriel Friedman
Rav Gavriel Friedman

Last Thursday, Rav Gavriel Friedman spoke at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov and enthralled the talmidim with his unique style and delivery.

Originally from Woodmere, Rabbi Friedman, fondly referred to as “Rav Gav” by his talmidim, has spent the last decade studying and teaching in various yeshivos throughout Yerushalayim. He currently teaches at Aish HaTorah.

Rav Gav, who was visiting the U.S. as a guest lecturer at the Agudas Yisroel Convention and at an Aish HaTorah Shabbaton, was able to make time for a visit to the mesivta. He spoke about the difference between emunah and bitachon, and how one can build a real relationship with Hashem. He left the boys thinking about the abbreviation “K.A.A.” standing for Knowledge, Action, and Awareness.

One student commented, “Rav Gav was amazing! I couldn’t stop laughing, yet I felt like I learned so much.”

Rav Friedman has lectured in dozens of cities around the globe, including Johannesburg, London, Montreal, and across the East Coast of the United States. His unique ability to present Torah concepts in an intriguing yet entertaining fashion leaves his audiences thirsting for more.

The mesivta would like to thank the Mermelstein family for making all the arrangements.


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