Tuesday, May 7, witnessed the first public event of the new Agudath Israel of West Hempstead (AIWH). Renowned talmid chacham and speaker Rav Moshe Tuvia Lieff, shlita, rabbi of Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin of Brooklyn, spoke to the attendees on “The Challenges of Shavuos for the Individual and the Family.” His words of Torah, chizuk, and berachah gave welcome support to AIWH’s leadership and to those who aspire to learn and daven in an Agudah shul in West Hempstead.

The West Hempstead community is located a short drive from the Five Towns, Queens, and Brooklyn. With its affordable housing and suburban environment, West Hempstead provides good opportunities for families looking to purchase a home of their own. It is a “full-service” community, with an eiruv, mikveh, kosher restaurants and markets, a Judaica store, and a local Hatzolah. Many neighborhood children attend the local day school, and there is town-provided bus service to yeshivas and girls’ schools located in the Five Towns, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

The motivation for bringing Agudath Israel of America to West Hempstead is to expand on the many strengths its Orthodox Jewish community already possesses, and to provide another path for its residents to grow in Torah and tefillah. For any questions concerning Agudath Israel of West Hempstead, call Rabbi Moshe Finkelstein at 516-489-1913, or e-mail agudathisraelwh@gmail.com. v


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