Every Moztei Shabbos (or perhaps we should say Motzei Shabbat) Rav Ovadiah Yoseph speaks at the Yazdi synagogue in Jerusalem.  Yazd, is the Jerusalem holy city of the Persian Jewish community, somewhat akin to Vilna in Ashkenazic lore. This week, Rav Ovadiah eulogized Reb Zev Wolfson z”l.

He said that there was no one like him. Rav Ovadiah related how Reb Zev was once at his home and pointed out that the verse Am Zu yatzarti — has the word ZU which, in Hebrew is an abbreviation for Zev Wolfson.  Reb Zev once wrote out a check for eight million shekel to cover a deficit in the Sefardic educational system.

Rav Ovadiah further related the story how Reb Zev used American influence to pressure the government of Israel in regard to funding Chinuch Atzmai.  He explained that Reb Zev was a bright and savvy individual with Klal Yisroel’s benefit always in mind.


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