Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs spoke in Hebrew to a TMZ reporter when asked if he considered himself the greatest Jewish football player of all time upon arriving at LAX airport Tuesday.

The Super Bowl champion and six-time Pro Bowler considers himself to be half Jewish, according to the publication. He has a Jewish star tattooed on his right arm and wears a Star of David necklace around town.

When asked if he thought he was the greatest Jewish athlete  in the history of the NFL, Suggs laughed before saying, “Nah man, you know, I just need to know who all the rest of the Jewish athletes are.” He then added, “Shalom.”

The former NFL Defensive MVP got his Jewish star tattoo a day after his 2009 season, which he previously called “my worst season as a professional.” Explaining his reasoning behind getting the tattoo he said, “I had to rededicate myself to the game. I had a lot of things I was dealing with so I pretty much got this tattoo, just kind of, to remind me of who I am. The real me.”

“I was gonna get it branded,” he added, “but that was a bit extreme.”


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Source: The Algemeiner


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