Larceny (5T). A cell phone was stolen from a shopper at a local women’s clothing store on Central Avenue. The store management is working closely with the RCSP to retrieve quality video footage to hand over to the Nassau County Police Department’s 4th Precinct Detective Squad. The matter was reported to the NCPD and remains under investigation.

Car Break-In (FR). December 18. Patrolling RCSP members observed a known repeat offender breaking into a car on Central Avenue and B. 12th Street. RCSP patrol volunteers maintained a visual of the perpetrator as he made his way into a nearby apartment complex before the NYPD could arrest him. A police report was filed and the matter remains under investigation with the NYPD.

Car Break-Ins (FR). December 23. Two car break-ins occurred early morning on Willow Ct. and on Brunswick. The RCSP video surveillance team is reviewing video footage to hand over to the 101st Precinct Detective Squad. Police reports were filed and the matter remains under investigation with the NYPD.

Car Break-Ins, Arrest (FR). December 24. A neighbor immediately called the RCSP 24-hour hotline upon hearing suspicious noise of a car break-in in progress around 5:30 a.m. on Virginia and Beck. RCSP patrol volunteers witnessed the perpetrator breaking into additional vehicles and kept a visual until the NYPD arrived on the scene and arrested the perpetrator in the act of breaking into a vehicle on Caffrey and Reads.

Car Break-Ins (FR and 5T). December 25. Several car break-ins occurred on Meehan, Oak Drive in Far Rockaway, and Lord Avenue in Lawrence. In all cases, police reports were filed and the matter remains under investigation with the police department within each respective jurisdiction. The RCSP video surveillance team is assisting in retrieving video footage to hand over to the appropriate detective squads.

Condolences. The RCSP wishes heartfelt condolences to the families of PO Raphael Ramos and PO Wenjin Liu who were senselessly assassinated. As always, the RCSP stands firmly in support of the men and women of the NYPD for their exemplary devotion in keeping our city safe.

Important Message. RCSP is aware of the unfortunate attack that occurred at the Chabad Headquarters Tuesday morning in Brooklyn. This incident highlights the challenges that Jews face as a community and how to maintain an open community while dealing with security concerns.

As per recent articles published on the incident, the perpetrator visited the location of the attack earlier in the day and was turned away by a security guard because of suspicious behavior. There is no report of the guard reporting the behavior to anyone, taking a description or a photograph of the suspicious person. It is critical that we all play our roles to prevent future attacks:

– Take pictures of suspicious people.

– Make incident reports and communicate incidents to synagogue staff.

– Call the police and the RCSP immediately.

Relaying this information could be the difference between keeping a dangerous person outside and unknowingly letting them inside. Please make sure you pay attention and maintain situational awareness. We all must be aware of the people entering our places of worship and study with the intent to harm. These events will not stop and unfortunately all indications show that Jews and synagogues will be targeted further. We must stay vigilant.

Subscribe. Anyone interested in receiving security alerts should please send an e-mail to and enter the phrase “Sign me up” in the Subject field.

Volunteers Needed. The Far Rockaway and Bayswater divisions of night patrols are in need of volunteers. Volunteers are scheduled to patrol once or twice per month between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. Those who wish to join should email their name and cell phone number to


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