q5For the past three weeks, the RCSP (Rockaway Shomrim) and the NYPD 101st Precinct have worked closely in arranging all-night patrols to combat the recent rash in car break-ins in the Far Rockaway and Bayswater areas. Rockaway Shomrim members assisted in making five arrests, providing a much-needed respite to the crime spate and bring down the number of incidents in the area thereby enhancing the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Joint operations started every night at midnight and ended at 5:30 a.m., peak time for car break-ins. The members of the conditions team of the 101st Precinct communicated with members of the Rockaway Shomrim via two-way radio for the duration of night patrols. This special assignment was in addition to the regular night patrols organized by the RCSP and its 24-hour response teams. The strong presence of RCSP and NYPD patrols during these hours helped bring down the occurrence of incidents significantly.

Kudos goes out to the members of the RCSP for volunteering their time, absorbing the cost of gas, and using their own cars. In addition to responding to calls dispatched through the RCSP 24-hour hotline, the RCSP volunteers patrol the neighborhood all night, dedicating invaluable time and resources while depriving themselves of sleep.

The RCSP would like to express its gratitude to the commanding officer of the 101st Police Precinct, Deputy Inspector William Patrick Wynne, and Sargent Keith Gallagher for continuing to arrange extra manpower to patrol our neighborhood after hours.

Although the car break-in incidents have significantly decreased over the last few weeks, RCSP volunteers continue to work closely with, and assist, officers of the NYPD until the matter is under control. The RCSP has already begun planning the next joint patrol operation with the Commanding Officer’s office of the 101st Police Precinct.

To receive weekly updates and safety tips, e-mail securityalerts@rockawaypatrol.org and enter the phrase “Sign me up” in the subject field. If you see anything suspicious, call the 24 Hour RCSP Hotline, 917-RCSP-306 (917-727-7306).

The RCSP is in need of night patrol volunteers in Far Rockaway and Bayswater. Anyone interested in volunteering should e-mail their name and cell phone number to dispatch@rockawaypatrol.org.

Options to donate to the RCSP: Web: www.fidelipay.com/RCSP; or via mail Rockaway Citizen’s Safety Patrol, C/O A. Frankel, 774 Caffrey Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691 (make check payable to RCSP). v


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