x6By Leah Scher

On Monday, April 8, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis stole the hearts and minds of all the HANC High School students and faculty as she discussed her experience in the Holocaust and relayed her valuable message for the next generations. For the past few decades, she has spent her life traveling the world and speaking to various groups of people about her traumatic experience and struggle for survival in an attempt to impart the powerful lesson she learned.

Her message is: Wake up, and never forget. The generation that lived through the tragedy of the Holocaust is gradually dying out, and our generation is slowly beginning to forget. Rebbetzin Jungreis, being among the small number of remaining survivors, weaved this powerful idea in her speech with the hopes that we will always remember and preserve the legacy by living our lives as proud and devoted Jews.

Since Rebbetzin Jungreis moved to America, she has devoted her life to fighting a spiritual Holocaust among Jews around the world. She founded the organization Hineni and authored multiple books, such as Life Is a Test, Jewish Soul on Fire, and The Committed Life.

A special thank-you to Mark and Chani Scheiner for sponsoring the program. v


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