Preparing the Jewish residents of Yesha to defend themselves and their neighbors
Preparing the Jewish residents of Yesha to defend themselves and their neighbors

The winter season is normally a relatively quiet period in Israel with security breaches at an annual low–particularly this year with large amounts of rain, unusually cold and stormy weather, and fierce high winds.

The crumbling of the old Arab order on all of Israel’s borders over the last two years, shifting the sands and exposing new and ever more destructive forces, are threatening the fragile Land of Israel without and within. This winter’s winds have brought with it ever more negative forces.

These forces have given rise and motivation to all sorts of individual Arabs and groups to change the game plan and enact ever bolder, more vicious, and deadlier attacks with each new action attempting to outdo the previous one. These attacks vary from assaults on the roads–rocks, firebombs, pipe bombs, gunfire, and carjacking–to carrying the struggle into the heart of the communities.

The communities of Yehuda and Shomron are suffering from infiltrations onto their farmlands, homes, and institutions–not by the classical one-, two-, or three-man cells but large groups of organized Arabs marching en masse, with some groups reaching as many as 250 individuals. They show up masked, with steel rods, rocks, slingshots, knives, and firebombs and are many times accompanied by five to ten tractors that immediately begin to plow the land, claiming it as theirs.

These outrageous attacks take place in broad daylight all days of the week in places as varied as Suiessia, Bat Ayin, Ma’aleh Rechavam, and Elazar in the south and to Ofra, Neria, Nachliel, Eish Kadosh, Tapuach, Givat Ronen, Yitzhar, Bracha, and Chavat Gilad in the North.

The police and IDF response to these attacks have been to adhere strictly to government policy. Translation on the ground–avoid confrontation at all costs, limiting any sort of forceful response to the point of withdrawing and fleeing in full battle gear being chased by rock-throwing Arab mobs.

These atrocities have been caught on film recently both in Hebron and near Kedumim. Furthermore, the weakening of the Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) by the government’s confiscation of military weapons from its volunteers has limited the effectiveness of the only available, capable, and motivated forces that are able and willing to respond.

Mishmeret Yesha has trained and equipped these and many other communities RRTs over the years and is now organizing the RRTs into units based solely on handguns which will be carried by certain individuals 24/7. They will be brought into anti-terror courses which will acquaint them with all the possible aspects of handgun use and krav maga (hand-to-hand combat).

To make these volunteers more proficient in their handgun use and multiply their firepower, MY will supply these volunteers with an FAB attachment which turns a semi-automatic handgun into a mini assault rifle with a day/night reflex sight, allowing the user to be effective at 300 feet. These units will be loaned at first to the outlying communities of Givat Ronen and hilltops of Yitzhar with each individual volunteer signing for each piece of equipment.

The cost per KPOS-G2 unit with optic sights and flashlight is $690. Twenty units are required, at a total cost of $13,800. For more information and to help, please e-mail v


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