Grandell Rehabilitation & Nursing Center is joining with along with Beach Terrace Care Center of Long Beach together in hosting a free winter bash, as they invite the entire community to honor and celebrate the residents of Long Beach who have been and are working tirelessly to recover and rebuild the community after the extensive devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Grandell and Beach Terrace, two premier, glatt kosher (VHQ), state-of-the-art skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, have been serving the healthcare needs of the residents of Long Beach and Long Island for over 40 years. In an effort synonymous with their reputations, both facilities will be devoting their resources to honor and celebrate their community that has been working determinedly to recover and rebuild better-than-ever since the storm. They invite adults and children alike to a winter bash on Sunday, January 13, which will feature free carnival rides, games, arts and crafts, face-painting, live music, raffles, refreshments, and more! The event is set to take place in the heart of Long Beach from 12:00-4:00 p.m., on West Broadway between Lindell Blvd. and Grand Blvd.

“We love our community and, over the years, our community has showed us the same love. We are incredibly excited to give back to all the residents of Long Beach, especially at a time like this,” stated Moishe Heller of Grandell Rehabilitation & Nursing Center.

“This is our opportunity to show everyone here in Long Beach that through good times and bad, we are all in this together,” added Mendy Zwick of Beach Terrace Care Center.

In addition to the outdoor festivities, Grandell will be hosting a very special 112th birthday celebration with family and friends of their beloved resident Goldie Steinberg. This incredible celebration of life was planned for October 30, 2012, but was postponed to January 13 due to Hurricane Sandy. Goldie’s longevity attracted the attention of the New England Centenarian study sponsored by Boston University. Researchers took a sample of her blood and are planning on studying her genes in their quest to understand why certain people live long lives. She joined the elite company of the world’s super centenarians, a group of special interest to scientists studying what enables some of us to live so long. We expect that Goldie Steinberg, one of perhaps 300 super centenarians worldwide, has many more happy birthdays ahead, iy’H. Goldie did reveal one secret to living to be 112; she said, “My family.”

Located at 645 West Broadway in Long Beach, Grandell Rehabilitation & Nursing Center offers full-range, 24-hour inpatient nursing and rehabilitative care for both short-term and long-term patients. Additionally, Grandell is the first facility in New York State to offer a renowned, specialized rehabilitation program for amputees, in which they utilize special equipment that eliminates the fear of falling and helps to restore confidence in patients so they can achieve faster progress and results.

Located at 640 West Broadway in Long Beach, Beach Terrace Care Center also offers full-range, 24-hour inpatient nursing and rehabilitative care for adults of all ages. They recently completed extensive renovations which included a breathtaking therapy room with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the ocean. Beach Terrace also boasts many specialty services which include a well-renowned hospice program, traumatic brain injury rehab program, neurobehavioral unit, and a Russian program as well.

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