Some have not at power at home for 12 days now.  Others on the Rockaway Peninsula and the south shore of Long Island had power for a few days this week but then with the quick accumulation of snow yesterday, the power went down again.  More darkness, more cold.

To add insult to imposition there is no one to talk to at the Long Island Power Authority or LIPA.  The utility had demonstrated a profound incompetence that is exasperated by either their inability or simply outright refusal to communicate to their customers what to expect in terms of restoration of service.

With no end in sight to this fiasco a group of 5 Towns and Far Rockaway attorneys and activists are taking a leadership role in taking LIPA to task. The objective is not to protest or send e-mails or visit their offices.  It is a plan that will over the short term be more fundamental and effective. The idea at this stage is to set up an escrow fund where proceeds from LIPA bills for residents can be deposited. Representatives of the fund will communicate to LIPA as well as to elected officials that the objective is to pay all bills in full once all power is restored and satisfaction is achieved for all LIPA customers.

More information will be forthcoming on the formation of this group in the coming days. If you wish to join write LIPABOYCOTT@GMAIL.COM.  No business can treat customers this way after all this time and get away with it without consequences.  Stay tuned.


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