Red-light cameras are a fact of life on the streets of New York City: 170 cameras are installed at 150 intersections.

But are some of the cams a scam?

AAA New York found four intersections where the cameras may go off too quickly, meaning the yellow or amber lights don’t last a full 3 seconds, the city’s minimum standard.

The intersections in question have yellow lights that are tenths of a second too short, but it can make a big difference: First Avenue and 125th Street, Madison Avenue and 96th Street, Amsterdam Avenue and 110th Street, and Amsterdam Avenue and 96th Street.

Drivers at that location had mixed opinions about the cameras.

The city says red-light cameras are there to keep people not to make money but they sure do make a lot of it: more than $47 million in 2011.

Source: Fox 5 NY

New York News | NYC Breaking News


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