3Adar Sheni was truly a month filled with simcha at Shulamith Middle Division. On Rosh Chodesh, March 3, the girls were treated to a performance by the inimitable Bracha Jaffe. Ms. Jaffe inspired all with her spirited and heartfelt singing. She told stories and encouraged everyone with her inspirational ideas and insights. Her beautiful music had everyone singing along and dancing in the aisles.

Just three days later, the girls of the Middle Division were thrilled by the breakout of one of the most-anticipated events of the year: Color War! The timing came as a surprise to the students, especially since Color War is normally held sometime around Lag B’Omer. The theme of this year’s event was Mitzvot Purim. The three teams were mishloach manot (chesed), matanot l’evyonim (tzedakah), and mikra megilah (Torah). It was wonderful to watch each team participate fully. The teams created side-splitting comedy skits, inspiring divrei Torah, artistic banners, meaningful theme songs, and spirited team cheers. In addition, this year each team created a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate ideas connected to their team names. Kudos to the general of Team Mishloach Manot, Shira Baum, and captains, Ilana Katz and Devorah Golombeck; the general of Team Matanot L’evyonim, Rosie Zilberberg, and captains Avigayil Maryles and Shayna Lieberman; and the general of Team Mikra Megillah, Neshama Herman, and captains Ella Kurtz and Michal Zelmanovitz. The involvement of each student, creativity, and achdut of the student body brought nachat to the administration and faculty members.

On Wednesday, March 12, the eighth-graders ran the annual Purim Carnival for grades 1—7. Led by Neshama Herman, Daniella Gelbstein, and Ariella Seidemann, the eighth-graders created a variety of fun-filled booths for students’ enjoyment. Booths ranged from “Fluff ‘n Chips” to face painting, and from “The Bean Booth” to balloon popping, and many more. To add to the joy of the day, the eighth-graders chose “Blue” as their theme and wore a variety of blue costumes. The carnival was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone who attended, including guests from Kulanu. Thanks to Mr. Nenner for once again allowing Shulamith to rent the Moon Bounce, cotton candy, and popcorn machines, and for being in attendance to ensure that the equipment worked well throughout the day.

With the carnival completed, and Purim on the way, could there possibly be more to enjoy in Adar? Yes! Thanks to G.O. presidents Rivka Fruchter and Shoshana Reichman and vice presidents Sari Dubin and Zahava Graff, students and teachers enjoyed three dress-up days in Adar: mismatched day, student/teacher dress-up day, and twin day. Each of these days added to the ruach and simcha of Adar throughout the school.

A final event in honor of Adar was held on Shushan Purim. Each class had the opportunity to perform for the rest of the school. Under the guidance of the school’s capable and caring mechanchot, each class created enjoyable and creative performances, ranging from a lovely fifth-grade choir, to a variety of dance presentations by grades six and seven, and comedy skits performed by each eighth-grade class.

From beginning to end, the simcha and smiles in Shulamith during Chodesh Adar were sensational! v


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