By Larry Gordon

I like to think of the de Blasio victory in New York City on Tuesday as more of a tale of two tails as he promises to shift New York into reverse and seeks to implement his unworkable progressive vision. Message to Bill: just take a look in the rearview mirror to get a good look at the Obama train wreck. It’s a work in progress, but still quite a spectacle.

De Blasio says things, and promises to do things, that have been proved not to be effective. Raising taxes on the so-called rich and on businesses in the city will prompt a spike in unemployment, as businesses will either lay off people or seek to move out of the city ASAP.

Governor Cuomo scored a resounding victory in New York with the passage into law of a proposal to bring full Las Vegas-type casinos into New York. The governor says that we have been hemorrhaging money by forcing gamblers from the state to look for income and “investment” opportunities at the blackjack and craps tables in New Jersey and Connecticut. And he may have a point there. It just may be the right time to allow people to spend their food, rent, and insurance money on gambling losses here in New York. If you are going to squander money that destroys families, why not do it here, so that the money can be redistributed with greater efficiency?

We have a fresh face in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office after three decades, with the election of Ken Thompson. Prosecuting crime in Brooklyn is a tough job. And the de Blasio plan is to keep the DA’s and the public defenders’ offices very busy. After all, people have a right to commit crimes without being harassed by police, and we the people have the additional right to prosecute them. Isn’t that the way it works?

Out here in Nassau County, incumbent Ed Mangano handily defeated former county executive Tom Suozzi. It was a tough and confusing campaign. Few understood or were able to absorb the conflicting campaign messages about which one was more committed to steering Nassau County to economic solvency. In the end, the people ignored the bluster and sought to stay the course.

Thankfully, representatives like Howard Kopel in the Nassau County Legislature, and Kate Murray and Tony Santino in the Town of Hempstead, won easy victories, having earned our support and friendship. It’s good to have the hard-working Kathleen Rice reelected once again as our Nassau County DA and George Maragos as County Controller.

Over in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie won a resounding victory. The magic about Christie is that he is a Republican who wins by landslide numbers in a blue liberal Democratic state. It looks like he may be the man we will have to hand the shovel to, to dig us out of the Obama mess which we are sinking deeper into every day.

Election Day 2013 is now over. We probably need to take a few days off, especially from all those electioneering ads, before setting our sights on the 2014 elections. The truth is that those campaigns are probably already under way. The big challenge on a national level is gaining Republican control of the Senate, in order to neutralize the extreme leftist designs of President Obama. That will be a challenge and a struggle that makes issues like gambling casinos look like child’s play. v


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