x3On May 22, Mesivta Yam Hatorah went on their annual end-of-the-year weekday retreat. This year the trip was to the Pocono Mountains where the boys enjoyed paintball at Skirmish U.S.A. and whitewater rafting on the Lehigh River. Wednesday night the boys were treated to a delicious BBQ and enjoyed the amenities of their accommodations which included ping-pong, air hockey, pool, shuffleboard, and darts. The highlight of the trip was the inspiring kumzitz led by Chesky Steiner, a tenth-grader, playing the guitar. The kumzitz included a meaningful dvar Torah from Rabbi Avi Pollak, the rosh mesivta, who spoke about the importance of both learning Torah and laboring in Torah. The evening ended with a moving speech from the menahel, Rabbi Eli Zoldan, who thanked all the rebbeim and students for another amazing year. He also reinforced the message that has become the banner of the yeshiva, the unique rebbe-talmid relationship, by stating to the boys how much each rebbe in the mesivta really cares for each boy and views them as his own child. He said, “Tonight each one of your rebbeim left their children at home so they can spend time with their other children.” He ended off with a farewell speech to the graduating class commenting on how each one has really grown throughout their years in the mesivta. The mesivta would like to thank Rabbi Yonah Stern, the mesivta’s program director, for putting together a trip that will be remembered for years to come.

Registration is still open for the 2013—2014 school year. For further information please call 718-471-7471 or e-mail mesivtayamhatorah@gmail.com. v


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