I don’t know how the Democrats are going to respond to what took place in Tampa, Florida this past week but put it this was—they have a very hard act to follow.

I thought that Mitt Romney was effusive and shone last night.  And though there are indeed significant obstacles that we will need to overcome, being led for the next four years by Barrack Obama is not the way to do get any of this done.

What is Obama going to say next week, that he tried, that he is going to try harder, make changes, be more diligent?  President Obama has an agenda as his many supporters do and that is their right in this wonderful free society that this nation has crafted.  But it is not the traditional American way that does not just lead the way for Americans but shines a light on a path for the world to follow and pursue.

After an almost four year effort it seems that Mr. Obama has lost his way and instead of leading the US out of the economic quagmire that plagues so much of the world, he is interested in helping us adjust to it and grow accustomed to it for the long run ahead.

It was a glancing comment but for many of us, I believe, it jumped out of the screen in front of us when Mitt Romney talked about Obama’s position on international affairs.  “He threw our ally Israel under the bus,” the Republican nominee said.  And that was prior tyo facing re-election for a second term.  Israel and supporters of the Jewish state tremble at the prospects of a second term for Mr. Obama.  The truth is that all of America should feel the same way.

Last night left many with hope a bright future filled with the possibilities that made this country what it is and has been over the last two centuries.  It was refreshing and hopeful.


  1. I am not a big Romney fan, but Donald Duck would be refreshing to what we are stuck with now.

    I will vote for him in NY, even though in NY my vote is worthless voting for a republican


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