President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry feel that Israel needs to make some good faith gestures, be more conciliatory and giving as well as being prepared to make concessions. These are nice and even highfalutin ideas had Israel been dealing with a straight forward and honest opposition which they do not have on Mohammad Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

Perhaps a way to serve as a catalyst for the process and maybe even energize it somewhat, the two leading US officials should consider leading the way by example and walk the walk instead of just tiling the talk, as they say.

I would hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu has the fortitude and strength not to release any of the Palestinian murderers of Jews until Mr. Obama agrees to finally release Jonathan Pollard from his incarnation of almost thirty years. Pollard has more than served his time and it’s time for the humanitarians that Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry claim to be to show that though it is long past due they can finally let Pollard out.

Negotiations are a give and take process. There has to be some horse trading and reciprocity. It’s not always pretty but someone has to be brave enough to take bold steps and if there is anything to accomplish at all to finally get the process going to find out if progress is possible.

It is a complicated process. I think the first move should be made by President Obama, the most powerful and visible world leader. Release Jonathan Pollard, finally. Unfortunately I don’t think Mr. Obama gas the vision or the courage to do so.

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