Laura: Any government which places not offending the enemy and gaining the approval of the international community over the very lives of its own citizens, is by definition treasonous.  The blood of Evyatar Borovsky is on the hands of Israel’s political leadership.

I Paid a Shiva Call This Week

by Shalom Pollack, May 12, 2013

The writer visited the Sofia, the young widow of Evyatar Borovsky, murdered father of five. The Arab who killed him wasn’t stopped at a checkpoint. These checkpoints save Jewish lives, but they inconvenience Arabs, so they have been removed.
I paid a shiva call this week. It was a particularly difficult one as I joined the Women in Green who organized a mini bus to take us to the village of Yitzhar in Samaria.
There, we met Sofia and her little ones, aged one through seven, mourning Evyatar Borovsky,the latest Jewish victim of Arab (“Palestinian”) terror in our Land of Israel. The Israeli media was quick to point out that it has been almost a year and a half since the last”incident” Not to be too concerned or draw any rash conclusions. Jews will be knifed at bus stops from time to time. It happens — especially over there
Another very young widow left with five little ones. She is made to feel by many in the Israeli establishment that people like her and her family are just getting in the way of normalcy and progress for the real Israel. The real Israel knows how important it is to be accepted into the global village. To get there we must appease our enemies and jettison any provocative talk of Jewish rights, pride or faith. These are all archaic concepts that just impede real progress and modern society

In the very crowded , small living room was the deputy Minister of Defense, Danny Danon as he sat opposite Sofia. He has a reputation as an outspoken patriot and thus was deemed appropriate to represent the government on this occasion. Sofia, clutching a photo of her family , including her late husband, implored the Deputy Minister to understand that Jewish blood is more important than Arab convenience. She explained that the residents of the area frequently begged the authorities not to remove security checks on the roads leading from Arab terror centers to Jewish homes. These checks save Jewish lives, but they inconvenience Arabs.
It is of the utmost importance to the Israeli government that Israel gets a good word in the foreign press and political circles. The desire to be accepted is over whelming. The rules of engagement for Israeli soldiers would be funny if they were not so dangerous to Jewish life and property. If Arabs come up to a military gate and try to steal items, the guards may not use his weapon. Soldiers in the Negev are forbidden to travel on certain roads after dark for fear of local Bedouin rock attacks. Police vehicles in Jerusalem are pelted with stones at close range — …read more
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