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Renewal Wishes Donor, Recipient, Speedy Recovery

Renewal is asking klal Yisroel to daven for kidney recipient Mordechai ben Miriam and donor Yehoshua Ahron ben Kaila who underwent surgery on Thursday.

Mordechai is a young man from Buffalo, N.Y. who was suffering from kidney failure and on dialysis for 9 months. He reached out to Renewal about a year ago for help finding a donor. As we always do, we helped him get the word out. His brother in law, Josh, reached out to Renewal for help and information on kidney donation. Josh, who works as a PA was extremely happy to find out he was a match!

Mordechai will receive a new lease on life due to Josh’s amazing, selfless act.

Kidney transplants have a great success rate however as with everything we do in life we need to have Siyata dishmaya that it be successful. Please take the time to daven and say Tehillim for the success of the kidney transplant.

For more information about kidney transplant, see Renewal.