Exciting changes are taking place at Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center! Margaret Tietz has completely expanded and renovated their kosher kitchen. Please join them on Thursday October 25 at the kosher kitchen’s grand opening. Area rabbis, distinguished legislators, board members, and executive staff of CenterLight will be in attendance, as well as representatives from many Jewish organizations, hospitals, hospices, and local media. Zev Brenner of “Talkline with Zev Brenner” will be recording his radio show at Margaret Tietz. Valet parking is available for your convenience.

Until now, Margaret Tietz had a full-service kosher kitchen under the supervision of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, as well as a non-kosher kitchen. Now they have eliminated the non-kosher kitchen and expanded and renovated their kosher kitchen to include state-of-the-art separate meat and dairy–all chalav Yisrael–sections. The entire facility, including the cafeteria, is now completely kosher.

This step will help the facility better serve the needs of the Jewish community, providing patients and their families with a new level of comfort. Now anyone can join their loved one for a meal in the cafeteria and feel secure in the knowledge that the food and premises are fully kosher. This is just the next phase in a journey that began seven years ago, when Margaret Tietz joined the Beth Abraham Family of Health Services, now CenterLight Health System. Originally established as a non-kosher facility, Margaret Tietz installed a separate kosher kitchen upon becoming a part of Beth Abraham. Three years ago, Chef Yossi came aboard–upgrading the caliber of the kosher cuisine even further. And now, as their Jewish clientele keeps growing and the demand for kosher has increased, Margaret Tietz has moved to an entirely new level by transforming their main kitchen and implementing the highest kashrus standards and stringencies.

”There’s so much outreach activity going on as Margaret Tietz reaches new heights,” says Linda Spiegel, director of public affairs at Margaret Tietz. “This is another step towards making our facility the premier choice of the Jewish community.” v


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