The Lebanon based Hezbollah terror group has established its own military airport in the Baalbek region of of the country, near the Syrian border, Saudi Arabian daily newspaper Al Watan reported.

The military complex, which now houses 14 Iranian drones, also contains several underground tunnels that Hezbollah operatives recently dug under Iran’s supervision, Israeli daily Ma’ariv said on Thursday.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards general, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, said in January that Hezbollah was in the process of greatly improving its ability to launch missiles into every part of Israel.

The New York Times recently reported that since the outbreak of the ongoing civil war in Syria, Hezbollah has begun transferring long range missiles from Syria to Lebanon, including the Scud D, which is capable of reaching virtually every part of Israel.

The Times added that as many as 12 Russian-made anti-ship cruise missile systems may now be in Hezbollah’s possession inside Syria. American intelligence analysts said the Shi’ite militia group has smuggled at least some components from those systems into Lebanon within the past year but as of yet, it does not have all the parts needed.

American security experts believe the systems are being smuggled piecemeal in order to avoid Israeli air strikes, Ma’ariv reported.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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