U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he did not believe Israel was spying on the United States after a published report said Israel was most likely behind cellphone surveillance devices found near the White House and elsewhere in Washington, DC.

Politico reported the miniature surveillance devices, colloquially known as “StingRays,” were discovered and that they were most likely linked to the Israelis.

 Israel has denied the report.

“I don’t believe that,” Trump stated on Thursday about the report. “No, I don’t think the Israelis were spying on us.  I really would find that hard to believe.”

“My relationship with Israel has been great,” he added. “You look at Golan Heights. You look at Jerusalem — with moving the embassy to Jerusalem becoming the capital.  You look at even the Iran deal — what’s happened with Iran.  Iran is a much different country right now than it was two and a half years ago. It’s a much — it’s in a much different position.”

“No, I don’t believe that,” Trump reiterated. “I wouldn’t believe that story. It could — anything’s possible, but I don’t believe it.”



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