The Israeli government is set to release a report on the al Dura affair that will clearly assert that the “death” of the Palestinian youth, Mohamed al Dura, was staged, the Israeli weekly Sof Shavoua reported Friday.

This falls in line with the conclusions reached years ago by the scientist Nahum Shahaf, followed by the late Gérard Huber and, Philippe Karsenty, who has led the combat to bring out the truth in the French courts for more than a decade.

The Algemeiner has also learned that the report advises that international media outlets be held to a more rigorous standard of reporting so as to prevent the dissemination of false information and the construction of false narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Karsenty welcomed news of the report. “Now that this scientific report will be released it is very good news. The next step will be for the French public TV, owned and financed by the French state, to admit responsibility for their role in producing the worst blood libel of our times,” he told The Algemeiner.

In 2000, the Israeli army confessed that its forces had shot Dura, who had been caught in the line of IDF fire at the Netzarim junction in the Gaza Strip on September 30, 2000. The IDF admitted that it had shot and killed the boy. Then, after a lengthy investigation, the army concluded that it had not shot the boy, but the damage was done and Israeli officials allowed the case to fade away.

At the same time foreign intellectuals such Karsenty, continued to pess the State of Israel to review its position in view of the massive exploitation of the image of Mohamed al Dura in Arab-Muslim and Western medias.

The al Dura case continues to reverberate in Islamist circles. For instance, before he was killed by French police in 2012 in Toulouse, Mohamed Merah declared that he had killed Jewish children in revenge for the death of Palestinian children in Gaza; others referred clearly to the “death” of Mohamed al Dura.

The revelation of the report is attributed to the deputy Nachman Shaï who recently questioned Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon. The latter revealed that the investigating commission had worked discreetly and scrupulously under the direction of General Yossi Kuperwasser. The commission was composed of a large number of specialists and scientific experts.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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