Attendees of a student conference on tackling anti-Semitism on North American college campuses gathered outside of the Hyatt Regency near the Los Angeles airport. Photo: JC Olivera Photography. – Jews were the most targeted for hate crimes among religious groups in 2018, according to an FBI report released on Tuesday.

Some 1,550 reported incidents of hate crimes were motivated by religious bias in 2018, in which 57.8 percent, or 835, of them targeted the Jewish community—a decrease from 938 the previous year.

Overall, the number of hate crimes decreased slightly in 2018, following increases over three consecutive years. There were 7,120 such incidents in 2018, down from 7,175 the previous year.

“@FBI just released the 2018 data on hate crimes in the US: while the total hate crimes decreased slightly in 2018 after three consecutive years of increases, the numbers are still very disturbing,” tweeted the Anti-Defamation League.