IDF soldiers discover a terror tunnel. Photo: IDF.

Kibbutz Nahal Oz irrigation specialist Danny Rahamim was supposed to have harvested his sunflower crop alongside Gaza, in another two weeks.

But Wednesday morning, he watched the Hamas-made video showing terrorists pouring out of a tunnel opening in his fields, headed for soldiers manning a watchtower.

“I really can’t understand why no lookout spotted them earlier; that area is really closely watched,” Danny questioned, in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 News.

“I know that tower and am often in the vicinity — it’s a f*** up — there’s no other word,” he said.

Rahamim says many of the local kibbutzniks have left of fear and despair over the continuous fighting between Israel and Hamas, and those that stay are in a dark mood.

“I have no idea how families with small children will agree to return here after viewing this video — it’s really frightening,” he charged.

Kibbutz security chief, Benny Sela, also viewed the clip, and hopes the IDF will draw the correct conclusions from the tactics the terrorists used to attack the outpost.

“It’s really frightening — but, then again, this whole war is frightening,” he emphasized.

“(Hamas) uploaded this video in order to frighten us, since they don’t have many military successes to show for their efforts — and here they have one, so it’s a propaganda coup,” Sela noted.

Arieh Panini, 79, has lived in Nahal Oz for 42 years, with his wife. His kids have long since moved on.

“I’ve known for years that there were tunnels down there,” he said, adding that he’d “warned everyone about this shocking situation.”

“My heart is with the fallen soldiers,” he said, sadly.

“I hope that, after this conflict, they figure out a method to provide defense from these tunnels. Not finding the tunnels, with all this military might all around is an unforgivable screw-up,” he said.

Watch the Hamas footage of the brutal attack below:

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Source: The Algemeiner


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