This evening at 6:30, residents of the mountain ridge Gav HaHar communities in central Shomron will gather at Tapuach Junction to protest a terror attack that left one dead this morning.

Evyatar Borovsky was killed this morning at about 8:15 by an Arab terrorist who stabbed him from behind and then shot him to death. Borovsky, 31, was married and father to five small children. He and his family came from Kfar Hasidim in the north to live in Yitzhar some five years ago.


He was an actor who performed in educational plays on Bible stories and other educational topics. He also worked as a part time security guard. His neighbors describe him as a happy and friendly family man and educator.

Tapuach Junction is the most central crossroads in the Shomron connecting the east to west 505 Trans-Samaria Highway with north to south Road Number 60, which residents call the “Path of our Fathers,” due to the many significant biblical events that occurred along this road in the Jewish Bible. It runs from Shechem, which is just north of the Tapuach Junction, and leads to Be’er Sheva via Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron.

On normal days, local residents from Jewish and Arab communities pass by the Tapuach Junction on their way to work and school in nearby cities. Many people from the towns in the area wait for rides at the bus stop where Borovsky was killed this morning.

Shomron leader Gershon Mesika called on the government to clamp down on the terrorist groups and stop their funding, in order to provide security to all residents of the Shomron.

Members of the community of Yitzhar where Borovsky lived point to lax security measures that have enabled the terrorists to become bold and carry out such attacks.

The funeral of Evyatar Borovsky was held this evening at the cemetery at Kfar Hasidim.

At 6:30pm, residents of the communities of Shomron will hold a demonstration at the site of the murder at the Tapuach Junction, calling on the authorities to use all measures needed to provide safety in the region.



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