Mordechai hanging out with “the guys”
Mordechai hanging out with “the guys”
Mordechai hanging out with “the guys”

Tidbits From Israel

By Ron Jager

In the aftermath of the traumatic week of terror in Boston, the inevitable question about the religious motivations of the bombers and their affiliation to Islamic ideologies begs to be examined and exposed. Unfortunately, much of what the American public is being told about the relative lack of domestic terrorism since 9/11 seems to deny the fact that even American Muslims are susceptible to the lure of Islamic extremism. The politically correct impulse to ignore what appears to be the latest instance of “Made in USA” Islamic terrorism could lead to a repeat of the same mistakes that were made in the past in response to Islamic terror on American soil.

Despite two large bombs placed in garbage containers loaded with anti-personnel shrapnel so as to maximize casualties and set up twin explosions at intervals of 12 seconds, it took over 24 hours before President Obama acknowledged and released a statement that America will not tolerate an “act of terror.” This refusal to think clearly about jihadist and Islamic ideology has characterized much of the way the Obama administration and the mainstream media perceive and understand Islamic terrorism. The American public was reminded that the most effective response to what transpired this past week was to go back to our daily routine and show our resiliency in response to this event.

There should be no doubt that what happened in Boston was an act of terror, and denying this will only invite more acts of terror in the future. Denying the doctrine of jihad or Islamic holy war in regard to their support of terror throughout the world exposes the failure of the Obama administration and other liberals, many of them within the institutionalized leadership of the American Jewish community, who make it palatable for the American public to tolerate and live with terror rather than expecting and publicly calling for an end to it.

The American public should not be encouraged to suffer in silence as if nothing really happened. Promoting resiliency in response to acts of terror is something we in Israel have had to contend with for the past 20 years as a result of the Oslo agreements. Resiliency should not foster a pathological response of normalcy in the face of terror. American resiliency should not be cynically used to avoid doing what must be done and saying what must be said about Islamic terror and the true threat to Americans. The American public should appreciate that by being strong and resilient, by not demanding real change in response to the Islamic terror threat to America, unintentionally perpetuates the current situation.

Americans’ lack of emotional crisis–their lack of weakness–will enable political leaders to go about their business as usual, supporting all sorts of peace initiatives with the likes of Iran’s leaders, or the delusional leader of North Korea, or even the Al Qaeda leadership fighting in Syria, as though the latest terror attack in Boston has proven nothing. Supporting peaceful initiatives with terror states has proven repeatedly, not only in Israel but throughout the world, to result in an increase in terror attacks.

This self-imposed tendency to refuse to label Islamic terror as evil, this willingness to deny the truth about Islamic terror, provides a convenient backdrop for the call for self-defeating resiliency so as to distort thinking at all levels of society. Years of wasted time in worthless talks with Iranian leaders and other Islamic extremist organizations leading to worthless agreements and understandings have always ended up with increased terror and more victims. Yet, because of our pathological coping abilities, our pathological national resiliency, America’s political leadership is exempted from feeling any urgency to ask themselves: “Is this a normal situation?” Does the American public have to accept that more Americans will be ruthlessly murdered at marathons or other public events or even on their way to work? Does the American public have to allow its politicians to exhibit such apathy to the suffering of their own people without taking strategic action to stop the wanton murdering of Americans?

No need to be honest, no need to take effective action to rectify this situation, no need to admit that the peace policies promoted by the left and the Obama administration are worthless and cause more American citizens to be sitting ducks. We can handle it, we are strong and resilient, we will continue to get up in the morning and continue on with our lives as if nothing really happened. American toughness and American resiliency will be cynically used to perpetuate inaction against the Islamic terror threatening America.

For us in Israel, we have been through this type of inappropriate political response to terror all too many times. In the heyday of the Oslo agreement, Shimon Peres, the current president of Israel, coined the term “victims of peace.” We, the Israeli public, were encouraged to suffer in silence and pay the price for the soon-to-come peace agreements waiting at the end of the rainbow. We in Israel have suffered the last 20 years of ongoing terror only to be comforted with worthless promises based on worthless agreements and, of course, lots of resiliency.

The American public should not be fooled; President Obama should be called on to respond, and respond effectively. Denying the clear and present danger to America will only encourage the perpetrators of Islamic terror to be more brazen and extort an ever-increasing loss of life on American society. v

Ron Jager is a 25-year veteran of the Israel Defense Forces, where he served as a field mental-health officer and as commander of the central psychiatric military clinic for reserve soldiers at Tel-Hashomer. Since retiring from active duty in 2005, he has been providing consultancy services to NGOs, implementing psychological trauma treatment programs in Israel. Ron currently serves as a strategic advisor to the director of the Shomron Liaison Office. To contact him, e-mail


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