z7By Series Of Good Decisions

Provided by Avi Ashkenazy

What is the sign of a good decision? It’s working with those who can help build your retirement plan–and confidence.

When planning for retirement, we all face similar questions. But each of our answers will be unique, just as we are–based on where we are now and where we want to be later. Reaching those goals will require making a series of good decisions about what’s right for you in these key areas:

Income. How will you create income for life? How much of your income should you guarantee? What about inflation?

Liquidity. Will you have access to money as you need it? Over the 20 to 30-plus years your retirement will span, no doubt there will be unexpected challenges–and opportunities–along the way. You’ll need assets readily available to handle the unexpected and still maintain your lifestyle.

Long-Term Care. What will you do if you or a loved one can no longer live independently because of a chronic, long-term condition? Thanks to medical advances, people are living longer. Plan now to help ensure your lifestyle isn’t jeopardized by long-term-care costs.

Legacy. What legacy will you leave? For many, the thaought of living well includes leaving behind a legacy of financial security. If this is important to you, you’ll also want to explore how to establish a sound estate plan.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make these decisions on your own. Take the most important next step now: Contact your financial professional. The sooner you do, the more confidently you can look ahead towards a rewarding retirement. v

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Avi Ashkenazy is a financial representative with Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC, a MassMutual Agency. He can be reached at 646-867-8311 or 917-767-9053 (mobile), or by e-mail at aashkenazy@financialguide.com.


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