Reuth (, Israel’s leading elder care, rehabilitation, and social welfare organization, will mark its 75th anniversary with a gala celebration at the New York Palace in Manhattan on Monday, December 16. The diamond anniversary event will recognize the generous and longtime support of renowned Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza and the tireless efforts of Marleen Litt, Chair of the American Friends of Reuth’s Young Leadership Division.

The gala evening, which will directly benefit the Reuth Medical Center in Tel Aviv, will also include remarks by the Consul General of Israel, Ambassador Ido Aharoni, and the presentation of the American Friends of Reuth Lifetime Achievement Award to Merav Mandelbaum, chair of Reuth’s board of directors.

Broza, a longtime Reuth supporter, has performed in two benefit concerts for the organization and dedicated a music therapy room in honor of his parents at the Reuth Medical Center.

“It is no wonder that Mr. Broza is so taken with Reuth. We are not just celebrating 75 years of service, but more than seven decades of excellence and growth,” said Jill Kaufman, a senior project manager at Apple, Inc., a member of the American Friends of Reuth board, and co-chair of the dinner.

“I have been involved with Reuth for over 15 years, and I take every opportunity to spread the word about the unparalleled work done by Reuth in Israel. By providing the best quality care, Reuth ensures the highest possible quality of life for our residents and patients.”

Reuth was founded by a group of women who sought to assist the large population of Holocaust survivors settling in Tel Aviv. The organization’s original offerings included a soup kitchen, a social center, and subsidized housing. Now, 75 years later, Reuth has grown into a multi-disciplinary umbrella organization that provides a comprehensive range of medical, rehabilitative, and community services, including long-term housing, day centers for the elderly, and resources like the Reuth Eshel call center and Caring Family website, which provide unparalleled guidance and information resources for family members and caregivers of the elderly.

The Reuth Medical Center, the largest rehabilitation and chronic care facility in Tel Aviv, provides a host of innovative medical, rehabilitative, and nursing care treatments to inpatient and outpatient of all ages, including one of Israel’s top treatment centers for individuals with eating disorders.

“I feel proud to stand at the head of an organization that leads the way in everything it does, and is well known for its professionalism in the service of the elderly, low-income seniors, and Holocaust survivors. We stand beside them to let them know that there is one safe place where they can grow old with dignity,” added Merav Mandelbaum.

“At the Medical Center, our staff knows each and every patient by name and displays extraordinary sensitivity and compassion. They are aware that a warm, caring attitude is essential for the healing and rehabilitation process; they understand that alongside the urgent need for physical treatment, emotional care is of the utmost importance.”

Organized by American Friends of Reuth, the gala dinner in New York is a continuation of the 75th anniversary festivities that began in Israel on November 25, when Reuth hosted an evening of song and celebration at the Israel Opera House in Tel Aviv featuring top Israeli performers Koby Aflalo, Shiri Maimon, and Rami Kleinstein. The sold out performance also included a surprise performance by celebrated Israeli recording artist Oren Barzilay, a Reuth Medical Center success story who was rehabilitated in 2008 following a battle with Guillain-Barré syndrome. v


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