Suri Sternberg Rozner and Lauren Zuckerman
Suri Sternberg Rozner  and Lauren Zuckerman
Suri Sternberg Rozner and Lauren Zuckerman

For over 45 years, the Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim has answered the Jewish community’s call to support in sickness and health, advocating for those in need both financially and emotionally.

Fran Laufer, a Holocaust survivor, renowned speaker on Jewish causes, and published author, along with Miriam Lubling, an eishes chayil devoted to many charities within the Jewish community, created this outstanding organization together with other amazing collaborators and hardworking volunteers, and have presided over this remarkable charity from its inception.

Over the years, Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim has done amazing work to help those in need in the Jewish community here in the U.S. and abroad–including paying medical bills; providing drivers for transportation to doctors; furnishing a beautiful hospitality room in Rusk NYU Hospital; arranging for kosher food and providing bedside refrigerators in hospitals; and maintaining apartments near hospitals for Shabbos and yom tov so family members can stay near the hospital.

Other projects include building an ambulance shelter; purchasing medical equipment and new radios for an ambulance; purchasing a van to transport developmentally disabled adults in Yerushalayim; donating a wing in a convalescent home in Israel; assisting in setting up emergency clinics in the West Bank (far from a hospital); maintaining a Shabbos apartment near Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem; aiding victims of terrorism; and donating defibrillators and lifesaving heart equipment to Hatzalah’s Bikur Cholim Hospital in Jerusalem.

The Bikur Cholim has also built a state-of-the-art playground at a Jerusalem preschool for children with special needs and aided in establishing a medical center in the town of Arad, Israel, and provides telephone assistance, moral support, encouragement, kind words, and valuable advice to all who seek their help, including anything non-medical in nature to facilitate the recovery of a patient.

Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim has an extensive network of referrals that are of great help for a patient who is adjusting to dealing with a newly diagnosed illness and a new routine that has become a new reality for both the patient and his or her family.

The Women’s Young Leadership, referred to as The Next Generation, established a few years ago, includes as its members daughters and granddaughters of founding members of the organization. They are following the path of the women who preceded them by continuing the efforts of the organization through a Young Leadership that is the next generation of volunteers for this worthy charity. Their goals are aligned with that of the founding members, to get the next generation of young women involved in the day-to-day activities of this reputable organization, raising awareness and money through fun and interesting events, and enlisting new volunteers within the community.

On Wednesday, May 29, Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim: The Next Generation, will be having its Third Annual Women’s Young Leadership event, co-chaired by Lauren Zuckerman and Suri Sternberg Rozner, in Woodsburgh, at the home of Debra and Marvin Sternberg, 33 Woodmere Boulevard South.

Dedicated committee members include April Bernstein, Deborah Davidson, Shiri Feldman, Jennifer Gardyn, Jaclyn Glicksman, Mimi Goldman, Becky Litvintchouk, Faygie Morgenstern, Tzippy Perlstein, Cindy Pinter, Darielle Rabe, Heather Scheiner, Esther Silber, Tamara Steinman, Miriam Vegh, Tziporah Wechter, Lauren Weinreb, and Jen Yashar.

The theme will be La Dolce Vita (“the sweet life”)–an evening centered on all things Italian and the sweet pleasures of life. All fundraising will be accomplished through exciting raffles such as a Vespa scooter, a trip to Italy, and an auction of donated designer accessories. Catering is provided by the Upper Crust and Boccone Gelato Bar (food will be dairy).

The evening will be dedicated in zechus of a refuah sheleimah for Binyamin Zev Hacohen ben Sharon Rivka, Tzvi ben Fayga, Devorah Rochel bas Miriam Chava, and a continued refuah sheleimah for Avraham Zev ben Elka.

For more information about the event or to purchase auction tickets, visit or call 347-705-RLBC (7522). Early bird specials for discounted raffle packages end on Sunday, May 26.

The Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim has no operating expenses–it is entirely a volunteer organization and every dollar that is raised goes to underwrite medical and ancillary expenses of the patients. Your participation in fundraising efforts will enable the Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim to continue its vital work of chesed. v


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