Begun last year, the Rockaway Citizens Safety Patrol (RCSP) now has 95 patrol volunteers that maintain nightly patrols in Far Rockaway and Bayswater. The RCSP works closely with other organizations like,, and the NYPD to collaborate on ways to best serve the community.
Recently, the RCSP was instrumental in the arrest and prosecution of a menace to the community. For over a month, Far Rockaway and Bayswater experienced a rash of car break-ins, most of which occurred on Friday nights. These car break-ins were perpetrated primarily by one individual. The RCSP security alerts department immediately compiled a list of complaints after each incident was reported. In meeting with the complainants and working closely with, volunteers collected and analyzed hours worth of private surveillance camera footage. It soon became clear that although there is more than one culprit out there, one particular man is responsible for breaking into at least 30 vehicles. Once the evidence was gathered, police officer Anthony Zeke and the anti-crime team of the 101 Precinct was able to positively identify the perpetrator and begin a search for this menace. Immediately, the RCSP set up emergency patrols between the hours of 3 and 6 a.m. (in addition to the regular shifts that have been going out daily). In coordination with and with help from Police Sergeant Gallagher, the patrol was able to move resources fast enough to assist in the search.
When Officers Villata and Chavanne found and arrested the suspect at 2 a.m. on October 19, the RCSP was able to provide the evidence and list of complainants needed to hold him and prosecute him in Queens Criminal Court.
In addition to dealing with crimes as they occur and collecting evidence to successfully prosecute, the RCSP has been responding to missing persons reports and neighbor disputes. Additionally, the RCSP sends out security alerts via e-mail on a regular basis that informs the community of various safety concerns.
The RCSP was instrumental in assisting police in arresting eight criminals who have all been actively destroying the quality of life in Far Rockaway and Bayswater. Patrols have been actively patrolling the streets of Bayswater all throughout the year. They have expanded to Far Rockaway and have been successfully serving that part of town for the past two months. After a great first year, they look forward to the next year of successful service to the community.
To receive security alerts, feel free to notify the RCSP security alerts department by sending an e-mail to If you wish to join either the Far Rockaway or Bayswater division of the patrol, send an e-mail to If you view any suspicious activity in the area or in case of emergencies please call 911 then our 24-hour hotline 1-917-RCSP-306. To donate to the RCSP call the hotline.


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